Should House Cleaners Do Your Laundry?

More often than not, people tend to get confused when asked what is the difference between a maid and a house cleaning service. They mistakingly change terms around, unaware of the exact services each of these persons provides. Accordingly, they have unrealistic expectations concerning the type of work that will be done around the house. One common ground of confusion is the laundry matter: should a house cleaner/maid/cleaning lady be expected to do your laundry? We all do laundry, and it’s a chore that takes up a lot of the limited free time we have. So knowing if we can rely on our regular house cleaners to handle this task also is important. We are going to try to address it today.cleaners near me

The Difference Between Cleaning Services And Housemaids

Cleaning ladies and house cleaners handle different types of tasks. While cleaning ladies do take care of the cleaning, they do not tidy up to clear up the surfaces they will be cleaning. In other words, cleaning ladies will not pick up any of your Moxy socks and clothes lying around the house, or put away the kids’ toys and your sports gear. On occasion and rather rarely, a cleaning lady may be asked to organize items around the house. However, it is a better idea to ask a housekeeper or a maid to handle these particular chores. Since they know you and your personal preferences better, they should be able to do a better job.

Cleaning ladies show up with all the necessary cleaning products on them, and take them back once they will finish their job. So you will not have to worry about buying supplies for them. Nevertheless, if you have any special cleaning requirements, you would like for certain products or brands to be used, or you are embracing the eco-friendly trend and you would like for the cleaning lady to use green supplies, you can buy your own cleaning supplies. Keep in mind standard cleaning prices will usually differ from deep cleaning rates for spring cleaning, when moving into a home, or in anticipation of an event.

If you want to find some reliable cleaning services for your home, you can do a brief search for the terms cleaners near me open today and compare a few services that will pop up. For fully reliable and experienced cleaners, get in touch with Prosco and have them recommend the best cleaners in your area. They have solid databases of experienced and verified cleaning services in all states and cities. Give them a call and schedule an appointment today to make your home look sparkling clean again. During the first visit, the cleaners will perform a deep cleaning, followed by maintenance sessions. Standard cleaning means tidying up and organizing all surface items. Deep cleaning implies having the furniture lifted and moved around in order to gain access to all inconspicuous surfaces.

Professional cleaners are expected to sweep and mop floors, clean sinks and bathroom vanities, kitchen and bathroom counters, vacuum all carpets and upholstery, polish chrome surfaces, make the beds and replaced old sheets, fold laundry and towels. However, they will not do the laundry, tidy up clutter or do the dishes unless specifically agreed upon during the initial walk-through. These extra chores like doing the laundry sorting colors, spraying stains, and folding take extra time that you may want to have the expert cleaners spend doing something else.

It is a good idea to make clear lists of your expectations and openly communicate them to the cleaners once they reach your home. Cleaners will usually set up clear boundaries of what their standard and deep cleaning service will include.

Maids and housekeepers can be expected to sort clothes and bed linens, load your washing machine and even iron and fold your dried clothes. They can also sort and mark all clean linens and place them in their regular storage locations.

Talk All Details Through

If getting the dishes or laundry done is one of your greatest requirements, especially in a household full of children who get their clothes dirty all the time, you can hire a maid or clearly discuss all the job details with a local cleaning service. See what extra services they are willing to include, and how much these extra chores will influence the final bill. If you have no problem with paying a little extra per hour to get rid of this hassle, you have plenty of options at hand. Call Prosco at (888) 204-8406 and schedule an appointment with a local house cleaner or cleaning service today!

Top 10 Moxy Socks for Holidays 2017

It’s beginning to look like that time of year again…Christmas, Hannukah, Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa, Black Friday….or whatever Holiday you want to celebrate this Winter Season!

Here is our Moxy Socks Top 10 List for our best selling socks this 2017 Holiday Season



I’m a F***ing Unicorn

These socks started out in a dream, within a rainbow, inside an alternate dimension, and eventually wind up on your feet. Just kidding but actually we rode the wave of the unicorn before it was cool.


Jesus and Psychedelic Jesus

How fun! We have two versions of Jesus that we sublimated on some socks for you. The first is a sincere and endearing glare of the most famous man of all time  that will make you rethink what you’re doing in life. The second is a psychedelic version we stole from an actually gif or giphy of Jesus in a psychedelic electric club that flashes. Whatever your take on the big man, these socks are high quality and come out with a vibrant image of Jesus dye-sublimated on our brand new dress socks.


Colored Body Bolts

We started creating some wicked socks for soccer and softball. Soccer moms and softball dads would drop by our store and ask, “Do you have these socks in youth?” So we started carrying these vibrant and colorful socks electrified with a lightning bolt in adult, womens, and youth size.



Chicken, Duck, Bird, Ostrich Legs

Our chicken legs socks have been a hit for the last 3 years or so. We asked ourselves, what would be funny…people with Chicken Feet! And then this happened: (viral chicken image) It was so fun in fact, Viva Frei (a talented and hilarious youtuber that we stumbled into) thought these were Ostrich feet socks. More colors and different ways later, we have Duck and Bird Socks as well.



American’s Finest 3-Pack

When people ask us about our socks, they are often wowed by the quality. Our american themed socks were made for the average hardworking american who needs comfort and reliability for long days on the job or at the gym. These socks are for policeman (Thin Blue Line flag), firefighters ( Thin Red Line Flag), and an American Flag. Our Deadlift Block socks were SO popular we copied the style and put these flags on the front of the socks.


Dank Meme Socks

Memes are popular. Memes are becoming so popular, you can’t scroll through your facebook or instagram without seeing a pepe meme, salt bae, or the Cash me ousside girl on your feed. So why not throw these on socks? With dye-sublimation anything is possible, as we created more and more hybrid socks . Dank Meme socks was born. Check out all the styles of Meme socks here:


The Block… in COLOR!

Our deadlift block originally came in black and white…but for those with a more ostentatious taste, these bad boys come in Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, and Cyan. Choose any color you like, but the protection along your shins will be second to none.


Oddball Argyle

This year, we were able to get some great dress socks in. While a bit different from our athletic socks, these socks come in a smoother material for a more finessed and dressy look. So we created Oddball Argyle. Go to the site to find all the different dress socks available to create your own personal style.



Pink Powerfit


The Blizzard