Moxy Socks makes socks for the serious performance fitness community. Exclusively made in a small factory in Southern California, USA, we strive to develop the most durable, stylish, fun, and creative socks on the planet. With initial success from deep within the crossfit community, we have grown adding new styles weekly for every sport: fitness, lacrosse, motocross, volleyball and you name it. The difference in our socks lies within our quality – every person we know loves them. Our Knee-highs wrap around the calves providing compression. We typically use ventilated mesh around the foot, which refreshingly allows your foot to breathe.We’ve been selling the highest-quality socks for about two years primarily through Amazon. Through that time we have grown, adding new styles, upgrading our shipping capacity, and developing high-end technology.

We hope you get the most out of our socks!
-The MOXY Socks Team