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We have created a killer affiliate program with Ambassador! When you sign up, anytime you refer a customer to our store, you receive 15% of the purchase!

Integratedwith WooCommerce, you will automatically receive a referral!

It gives you some totally AWESOME perks!

1. Make some money $$$$!
2. Support Small Business!
3. Promote your Gym/Organization!

Sign up for the campaign by filling out the form below. Registration is super quick and easy!

Once you follow out the form, follow the instructions in the follow up email from Ambassador.


Sign up for our Affiliate program and email: info@moxysocks.com 

Submit an inquiry about our wholesale or affiliate programs and get a pack of socks and a T-Shirt!

Send your T-shirt sizes and your favorite socks designs as well.


How to add image widgets to your site!

1. Login to your Ambassador account.

2. Go to your dashboard. Then navigate to your assets



3. Browse through our images. Copy the HTML Code on the right.

ambassador images

4. Copy the HTML Code into your site. Displays our logo and you start generating referrals with every click!

Clicking upon this image will redirect to www.moxysocks.com. Any purchases made will give you a 15% referral!!!

Moxy Socks