MOXY Socks Athlete: Diva Richards

We’re excited to bring you another weekly edition of our Moxy Socks Athlete feature. This week, with tons of beaming personality, we have Diva Richards! She has been repping and sharing our socks on instagram and loving it! If you would like to be featured as a Moxy Socks athlete, please send us a direct message @moxysocks or email Here’s her interview!

1. Care to introduce yourself?

My name is Diva Richards known aka DatDiva aka Deadlift Diva aka Ms.Light Weeeeeeeight !
I’m 30 something, from Philly  and fitness is my life.
I’m a full time personal trainer of 15 yrs, Crossfit Coach and PowerLifter 72 kg(158lb) weight class

My  motto is #hardworknoexcuses

2. What kind of athlete are you? What sport are you in? 

As an athlete I do it all. I’m a golden glove boxer. I still try to do that twice a week. I’m known for my strength and all the noise I make on the platform. I Powerlift and crossfit almost daily. I am obsessed with ultimate strength and Power. I enjoy finding ways to get better at both. I love that more women are getting into moving weight. It’s awesome!


3. How have you progressed?

When I first started deadlifting I could only deadlift 225. It’s funny to watch that video now. I was so pumped .Then I said I just want to get to 300lbs. Once I hit 300, I was like I just want to get to 400. Currently I pull 385 fairly easy . 400 is about to happen definitely at my next meet I feel it.

4. Where did you hear about Moxy Socks?

I was at crossfit one day and someone had on these really cool socks . So I looked them up and fell in love them .  I never deadlift or rope climb without them.


5. How much can you lift?

Deadlift 385
Bench press 180
Squat – I only box squat due to injury but I’m looking to squat at my next meet in August.(Fingers Crossed)
Clean and jerk 175

6. What’s your favorite part about your sport?

It raw emotion! Complete Aggression! It’s animalistic and I freakin’ love it ! I get to scream and go nutts.There is nothing better.

7. Are you on a specific diet? What do you mostly eat?

I eat a typical high protein ,moderate fat,  lower carb diet. My carb ratios just depend on where I am in my training cycle . More  carbs when I’m working on moving weight, a little less when I am getting ready for photo shoot.

8. What are your favorite Moxy Socks?

The Captain America ones.Those are my meet socks:)


9. What motivates or inspires you to be better?

I just want to win. I want to see everyday how far can I push my body. I don’t want to be one of the best I want to be the best. Everyday is a chance to be better than the day before. You have to remember that your journey, struggles and all inspire others. I grew up a poor girl from a rough area Philadelphia. I’m wasn’t supposed to make it but I’m determined show the younger generation that growing up in bad circumstances does not dictate your future. Anything is possible.

10. Favorite music? Movie? Color?

Honestly I m addicted to EDM right now. But when I lift its Power Metal and Rap mostly.
My favorite movie is the Matrix.
My favorite color is blue but recently Ive been on a pink kick lol

11. If you could make any sock in the world, what would it be?

I would design a Louis Vuitton Deadlift sock just to be obnoxious(haha) Can you imagine going to meets and seeing people in designer deadlifts socks.That would be crazy LOL

12. When’s your next competition?

My next meet is Aug 1st– New Jersey Sates. I’m looking forward to getting more state records and setting some Personal Best .

13. What’s your favorite lift/exercise? How often do you train?

Deadlifts all damn day . I never get tired of them. I train 5-6 days a week,with one of those being an active rest day .

14. How do you spend your free time?

When I’m not training clients or working out I’m on the couch 🙂
Watching cartoon network – Family Guy, American Dad, Cleaveland show, Teen Titans

15. Lastly, any shoutouts to anyone?

Hell yeah!
Big shout out to my girl Heather Drake IG:hcdrake

Kimberly Walford she is a beeeeeeast> IG:trackfu
My awesome sponsor Top Secret Nutrition
and you guys at moxy socks for making an awesome product!
There you have it folks! Diva has an awesome, go-getter, inspiring personality! We’re so glad we could feature her this week and we’re looking forward to featuring others!