Safe Storage Solutions For Your Socks

As much as you might love your collection of socks, chances are, every so often, you end up looking at one huge tower of clean socks on your dresser. They’re not paired up or sorted, and you feel overwhelmed by simply looking at them. Organizing your clothes in general might not be one of your favorite activities. But it’s a must, and there are a few tips that could help you simplify the job. Storing your socks in a designated place could help you further simplify your work. Of course, the more pairs of socks you own, the more attention you will need to pay to the process.

Where Do All The Missing Socks Go?

One of the most frustrating and stressful chores we all need to take care of is laundry. While some aspects of the task tend to be more annoying than others, the washing and storing of socks appear to rank the highest on the list.

Lots of people desperately search for their missing socks after a wash cycle is over. Some socks go missing, never to be seen again. Are they vacuumed by the washing machine and sent to socks’ heaven? Are they simply mixed up with different loads that have not yet been washed? Why do you have so many socks that don’t match to begin with?

When you live in a household with lots of members, especially kids, one of your main problems will usually be sorting tiny socks of very similar sizes. The better organized and stored, the greater the chances of your socks to say together. Here are a few tips on how to mix and match your socks and keep them safely stored.

Safe Home, Safe Socks

drawer lockOne of the last things out might think of when sock organization and storage is at stake is home safety. What do the locks on your front door have to do with your mismatched socks? Do you remember the burglar cat that had an obsession for underwear and socks and took off with around 60 pairs before the rightful owner started figuring out what was going on? Well, a cat might be the least of your problems. While you may not suspect it, there are opportunists thieves who will break into poorly-secured homes and take off with anything they can lay their hands on. That includes clothes, socks, jewelry and cash usually stashed in sock drawers stashed, and anything else lying around the house for easy grabs.

So you may want to start with keeping your entire home safe from sneaky burglars. You could perform a brief assessment of all the locks on your doors and windows and figure out if you have any faulty or jammed locks. Do you have batteries on your home alarm, or any missing or broken sensor parts? If you do not have any experience verifying your security system, you could get in touch with a reliable locksmith in the area. If you have accidentally locked yourself out of your home or you are dealing with a broken or missing key to your home, call an emergency service straight away. This company here has perfected its mobile emergency interventions and can reach any address nationwide within 20 to 30 minutes from calling their dispatch number.

They also specialize in lock repair, replacement, or re-keying services for all known types of locks, key duplication, master keys, home alarms, mailing box and cabinet locks, window locks, and anything you may need help with. A sturdy lock on the door and a good alarm system are mandatory measures for keeping burglars away. They can fit small locks on your sock drawers, to prevent anyone from snooping around.

Use Pins To Clip Socks Together

This should help you keep the socks together as they are placed in the laundry basket. Of course, you may need to get acquainted with the specific noise, but it will be well worth it. Once the socks will make it into the washer, you have every chance of getting them out nicely paired and matched for hassle-free storing.

Buy Different Types Of Socks For Each Of Your Kids

If you are tired of always mismatching your kids’ socks, buy different colors and models for each of them so you can stop confusing them when doing the laundry. Our store has dozens of models of socks to choose from. Feel free to browse our products and get in touch with us for any questions or concerns.

You could also consider using dots to label your socks individually and keep a basket for lonely socks in your laundry room.

How A Pair Of Socks Can Make A Difference In Sports Playing

If you think that socks are nothing but a small part of an everyday outfit, you are probably missing some useful information on the role and importance of socks, especially for athletes during training.

Socks are not simply made to protect feet during walking or running: they can, actually, do more than this up to influence and completely improve a sports performance.

New Technology Makes Socks Be The Ultimate Key To SuccessNike elite basketball socks

For sports players and athletes n all categories of sports (obviously, sports where socks are required) might get large advantage from using appropriate socks.

For example, the Nike Elite Basketball socks are especially designed and produced to allow basketball athletes to reach the highest results in their sports performance: these socks reveal a sophisticated technology which consists in cushioned zones on the left and right foot. The role of cushioned points is to provide extra support to the foot during most demanding movements. Moreover, this type of socks also feature an extra padding around the ankle to give the players even extra comfort.

Just consider that the Nike socks are now very diffused and appreciated by all basket players, who can choose their favorite sock model in a range of 1000 designs.


On the other hand, long-distance runners can always count on the Smartwool’s PhD socks, a special pair of socks which is proven to secure the feet and give the runner an overall comfortable sensation during the trail running. As to training, a good alternative to regular socks are Adidas and Puma long socks. And, of course, there are specific sock models for all types of sports, depending on different feet exigencies and performance requirements.

If You Love Sports, Follow It Up!

Sports are today part of a growing industry, which promises to grow even more in the next 5 years. In most advanced countries sports are diffused and practiced in all existing categories:

  • Team sports (football soccer, basketball, volleyball and others)
  • Racing (car racing, horse racing, running and more)
  • Fighting and martial arts (box, wrestling and all variants of oriental martial arts)
  • Individual sports (swimming, gymnastics and more specialties)

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Casino El Arab – The Ultimate Resource For Arab Sports Followers

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How To Get Started To Bet On Sportssoccer football

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Secondly, all you have to do is to visit the different casino/sports betting venues and decide which is the perfect one for you. Once you found your venue, just register your account: this step takes only a couple of minutes, you will simply have to fill in certain fields with your name, contact details and a few more information.

Register in one of the best online sports betting sites, bet and win money now!

Dressing For A Casino Night – Socks & More

elegant clothesIf you are going to visit a casino, just know that you’d better get informed about the dress code of that casino. It’s a known fact that not all casinos require their customers to dress in elegant clothes, but you can’t take the risk to show up at a casino wearing flip flops and shorts as though you were going to the beach!

General Rules For The Casino Dress Code

There are some invisible rules that come to seriously affect the way to experience certain places and casinos are not certainly an exception to such a statement. For most serious gamblers dressing up for a casino night is an art  that not everybody is good at.

As said, each casino has specific dress code rules, but generally most casino tend to align to these principles for appropriate dress code:socks range

  • Avoid to wear sportswear and sports shoes, jerseys and hats
  • For women, it’s always recommended not to wear any revealing clothes
  • Formality is the main rule for almost any casino
  • Sandals and flip flops are absolutely not permitted on the gaming floor
  • Sneakers and jeans are also completely banned out casinos
  • Business shoes and outfits are always appreciated
  • Make sure that your socks match the formal style of your outfit
  • Your trousers should be long enough, so even when you’re sitting at a table no more than 10 cm of your socks will be visible
  • Eye-catching or fancy socks are not permitted (for example, choose plain, one-color socks)
  • After 6:00 pm most casinos require customers to wear elegant and very formal clothes with nice accessories and some jewelries, watches and more. 

Dislike Formal Dressing? Stay At Home And Play Online Games!

Not all gamblers love to dress in elegant and refined clothes (also because that means to spend much money on clothing!). So, how can they enjoy best casino games even wearing fancy socks and colorful flip flops?

Online casino games turn out to be a very interesting reference for everyone who dislikes too formal dressing. Today you can download and install on your mobile device this real slots app so you can play from anywhere you are. Pretty comfortable, huh? Well, Play Pokies is one of the most appreciated casino guide in the internet for smartest casino ideas and tips to help gamblers play smoothly and nicely from their own place, without to have to go out for a real-world casino.

Terminator 2 - slotiPhone Casinos At Play Pokies

in particular, Play Pokies provides their numerous visitors with advanced and effective iPhone casino apps and tools that allow everyone to play superb and refined casino games even from a bus stop downtown!

Slots and pokies are since ever two most chosen casino games, especially for those who are looking for simple, quick yet funny games to play. Among the most chosen titles we can list Terminator 2, Game of Thrones, Tomb Raider and many more. What’s important – all slots and pokies are 100% fair!

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