Our Top 10 Instagram Posts – November 2014

1. Remember, Remember the 5th of November

november 5th v for vendetta

Remember, Remember the 5th of November. Gunpowder, treason and plot
I see no reason why gunpowder treason, Should ever be forgot. We made these socks 3 years ago
in deference to the V For Vendetta Movie and Guy Fawkes Day!! (V is pretty badass). Happy Guy
Fawkes Day!! #guyfawkes #guyfawkesday #vforvendetta #v #england #novemberfifth #fifthofnovember #crossfit #fitness #deadlift #lacrosse #crewsocks #novelty #funsocks #noveltygift #gift
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2. These Colors Don’t Run

thanksgiving ad

November is here and that means Thanksgiving is coming. Don’t you want to make the holidays less heart-wrenching, awkward, or perhaps even less soul-crushing? Wouldn’t it be fun to see smiling stuffed faces, your favorite Football team win their game, or possibly even NO arguments/family quarrells/drunk rages???! Lighten the atmosphere with a Fantastic gift for Dad or Drunk Uncle (because every family has one of those)! Well that gift is only $9.95. #drunkuncle #giftsfordad #dadgifts #thanksgiving #thanksgiving2014 #american #americansocks #gifts #fungifts #havefun #benice #family #thanksgivingjokes #joke #crossfit #fitness #deadlift #crew #crewsocks #moxysocks #dad #uncle #familygifts #drunk #gohomeyouredrunk Here’s the link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JU73OKM www.moxysocks.com

3. Ladies Lift Here


We’re helping sponsor some events for the strong, awesome ladies at Ladies Lift Here. It’s a great organization and we LOVE what they’re about. #crossfit #fitness #deadlift #crossfitclothing #apparel #Repost from @ladieslifthere with @repostapp —- Our website is getting some serious loving over the next few days: new articles, new contests, new resources and new colors!
#ladieslifthere #crossfit #strongman #strongwoman #olympiclifting #weightlifting #highlands #powerlifting #girlsthatlift #womenthatlift #stronger #liftlikealady #barbellbabe #wonderwoman

4. Pain is Temporary

pride weight lifting

We couldn’t agree more!! The biggest part of success is pushing yourself harder and further, knowing there will be pain and challenges, but pushing on further. That’s how you get stronger both physically and mentally. #fitness #fitnessquotes #moxysocks #moxyquotes #inspriation #fitnessinspiration #crossfit #crossfitquotes #life #lifequotes #pride #strength #quotes #durable #tough #badass #workout #gym #killingit  www.moxysocks.com www.amazon.com/shops/moxysocks

5. The Assault


The Assault!!! These socks kick some serious ASS! We know people like to feel strong and tough- these socks will not disappoint!! Available now! #crossfit #military #heroes #armedforces #callofduty #callofdookie #bootcamp #navy #guns #packyogat #lift #heavylifting #liftingsocks #strong #strength #fun #novelty #gift #militaryworkout #usa #america

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Article – Story of the Kettlebell

A Brief History of the Kettlebell



Kettlebells were developed in Russia in the 1700s, primarily for weighing crops.[5] It is said that these farmers became stronger and found them useful for showing off their strength during festivals. The Soviet army used them as part of their physical training and conditioning programs in the 20th century .[citation needed] They had been used for competition and sports throughout Russia and Europe since the 1940s. Though kettlebells had been in the United States in some form since the 1960s or earlier, Dragon Door Publications and Pavel Tsatsouline developed the first instructor certification program in the USA in 2001.[6]



12 kg, 16 kg, and 24 kg kettlebells

Unlike traditional dumbbells, the kettlebell’s center of mass is extended beyond the hand, similar to Indian clubs or ishi sashi. This facilitates ballistic and swinging movements.[7] Variants of the kettlebell include bags filled with sand, water, or steel shot.[8] The kettlebell allows for swing movements and release moves with added safety and added grip, wrist, arm and core strengthening. The unique shape of the kettlebell provides the “unstable force” for handling – key for the effectiveness of the kettlebell exercises.[9]


By their nature, typical kettlebell exercises build strength and endurance, particularly in the lower back, legs, and shoulders, and increase grip strength.[2][4][7] The basic movements, such as the swing, snatch, and the clean and jerk, engage the entire body at once,[4] and in a way that mimics real world activities such as shoveling or farm work.[2][3][7]

Unlike the exercises with dumbbells or barbells, kettlebell exercises often involve large numbers of repetitions. Kettlebell exercises are in their nature holistic; therefore they work several muscles simultaneously and may be repeated continuously for several minutes or with short breaks. This combination makes the exercise partially aerobic and more similar to high-intensity interval training rather than to traditional weight lifting. In one study, kettlebell enthusiasts performing a 20 minute snatch workout were measured to burn, on average, 13.6 calories/minute aerobically and 6.6 calories/minute anaerobically during the entire workout – “equivalent to running a 6-minute mile pace”.[5] Because of their high repetitions, kettlebell progression should start out slowly to build muscle endurance, support the joints and prevent injury.

The movements used in kettlebell exercise can be dangerous to those who have back or shoulder problems, or a weak core.[10] However, if done properly they can also be very beneficial to health. They offer improved mobility, range of motion and increased strength. [11]


The following movements can be done with one or two kettlebells:

  • Swing: The kettlebell swing is a basic kettlebell exercise that is used in training programs and gyms for improving the posterior chain muscles. The key to a good kettlebell swing is effectively hinging at the hips, creating stability through the frontal plane. Variations of kettlebell swings include Russian swings (kettlebell goes to chest level), American swings (kettlebell goes to overhead), and one-armed swings.[12]
  • Clean
  • Goblet Squat
  • Front-Side Squat
  • Military Press
  • Push Press
  • Snatch
  • Jerk
  • Dead Lift: Suitcase, one-leg
  • Carry: Suitcase, rack, overhead
  • Row
  • Russian Twists

yellow kettlebell moxy

The following movements can be done with a single kettlebell:

  • Halo
  • Deck Squat
  • Windmill
  • Bent Press
  • Turkish Get-up (single bell only): A kettlebell exercise that combines the lunge, bridge and side plank to build strength. With a vertically-extended arm, the athlete transitions from laying supine on the floor to standing.[13]

Lifting styles[edit]

Competitive lifter (girevik) performing jerk with 32 kg kettlebells (rack position).

Contemporary kettlebell training is represented basically by four styles.

Hardstyle has its roots in powerlifting and Gōjū-ryū karate training, particularly hojo undō concepts. With emphasis on the “hard” component and borrowing the concept of kime, the Hardstyle focuses on strength and duality of relaxation and tension.[14][15]

Girevoy, sometimes referred to as the fluid style in comparison to the Hardstyle, represents the training regimen for the competitive sport of kettlebell lifting.[14]

Crossfit kettlebell refers to implementation of kettlebell training as in CrossFit curricula, often with significant modifications to preceding styles (eg. American Swing vs. conventional swing, placing the kettlebell down between snatchs).[16]

Juggling is a training style where the practitioner releases and catches the kettlebell with all manner of spins and flips around the body.[14][17]




The Story of Our Lady of Guadalupe

We initially came up with the concept and idea design of Our Lady of Guadalupe from . Think about custom woven socks for a minute. Each thread must be meticulously and carefully placed when replicating such a fine, religious art piece such as this. Imagine the care and comfort taken to produce this sock, then you can realized you’re in, well, good socks. Immaculately conceived with all the performance Moxy features, you will LOVE this pair of unique socks.


Our Lady Of Guadalupe

Our Lady Of Guadalupe

We thought this would be a fun fantastic sock for anyone interested in Mexican Art and Culture, Religious art, or anyone who loves this image!!! Perfect sock for Dia De Los Muertos coming up after Halloween!!

Here’s the opening wikipedia Article about Guadalupe:

Our Lady of Guadalupe (Spanish: Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe), also known as the Virgin of Guadalupe (Spanish: Virgen de Guadalupe), is a title of the Virgin Mary associated with a celebrated pictorial image housed in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in México City.

Official Catholic accounts state that on the morning of December 9, 1531, Juan Diego saw an apparition of a young girl at the Hill of Tepeyac, near Mexico City. Speaking to him in Nahuatl, the girl asked that a church be built at that site in her honor; from her words, Juan Diego recognized the girl as the Virgin Mary. Diego told his story to the Spanish Archbishop of Mexico City, Fray Juan de Zumárraga, who instructed him to return to Tepeyac Hill, and ask the “lady” for a miraculous sign to prove her identity. The first sign was the Virgin healing Juan’s uncle. The Virgin told Juan Diego to gather flowers from the top of Tepeyac Hill. Although December was very late in the growing season for flowers to bloom, Juan Diego found Castilian roses, not native to Mexico, on the normally barren hilltop. The Virgin arranged these in his peasant cloak or tilma. When Juan Diego opened his cloak before Bishop Zumárraga on December 12, the flowers fell to the floor, and on the fabric was the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe.[1]

Juan Diego was canonised in 2002, and his tilma is displayed in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the most visited Marian shrine in the world.[2]

Pope Leo XIII granted a Canonical Coronation towards the image on 12 October 1895. The representation of the Virgin on the tilma is Mexico’s most popular religious and cultural image, and under this title the Virgin has been acclaimed as “Queen of Mexico”, “Patroness of the Americas” (1945), “Empress of Latin America”, and “Protectress of Unborn Children” (the latter two given by Pope John Paul II in 1999).[3][4] Under this title, she was also proclaimed “Heavenly Patroness of the Philippines” in July 1935 by Pope Pius XI both witnessed and signed by Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli, a designation he later rescinded in September 1942 upon becoming Pope Pius XII.






Top 10 Sock Gifts for Conservatives this 2014 Christmas!!!

Top 10 Sock Gifts for Conservatives this 2014 Christmas!!!

1.The Patriot Pack

The Patriot Pack is a steady triumvirate of some of the most Patriotic, Freedom-loving, and Liberty-inspired socks on the planet. These rugged crew socks will not sit well with the queasy or faint of heart. The triumvirate includes: The Don’t Tread On Me Yellow Crew, our American Flag, “These Colors Don’t Run” Crews, and our American Star White Crews. You can read the descriptions for the other socks down below. Perfect for that staunch, honorable, freedom-loving conservative in your life. A fantastic gift for the Conservative, Republican, Libertarian, or Tea Party Member in your life at $29.50.


Patriot 3-Pack

American Patriot 3-Pack

2. Don’t Tread On Me

The Tea Party co-opted this flag and flies it as their banner in about 2008. Paying homage and tribute to the Founding Fathers, honoring the image as the Gasdsen Flag. Originally inspired from Benjamin Franklin’s, “Join or Die” political Cartoon, the basic symbolism here is, “Don’t Mess with Me”. The sock quality in conjunction with the message demonstrates power and quality control. Complete with the Moxy Performance Foot, Ventilator Mesh, and Achilles Tendon and Arch Support. An appropriate gift for any Tea Party member.  But really, this sock is for every proud American.  $10.45 in 3 Separate Colors and in Multi-Packs.


3. These Colors Don’t Run

“These Colors Don’t Run”! We recognize the heritage and patriotic feelings of many Americans who love the ole’ Red, White, and Blue. Perfectly weaving and imitating the United States Flag, nothing screams Patriotism and Freedom! more than these smooth-knit crews!!! Inquire for bulk-ordering. $10.45, Red, White, and Blue!


These Color's Don't Run!

These Color’s Don’t Run!

4. American Star

Our American Star socks have swept the scene of performance Knee-High socks since we created them over a year ago. Since then, we’ve added tons of new styles in separate lengths and colors, so everyone could feel like Captain America!!  Part of the Patriot 3-Pack, and many other combinations, the simplistic but powerful design of our American Star socks will blow any gift receiver away!! Knee-High at $10.95, other lengths range.



5. The Ultimate Grenade

The Ultimate Grenade socks have been a steady force of Moxy for over 3 years. Reliable and outstanding in quality, simplistic in realization, and resolute in it’s metaphorical assault, the Ultimate Grenade remains a solid pillar for the CrossFit Community! In those 3 years, we have unleashed a myriad of styles upon the community. Check the gallery below. Knee-High at $10.95.


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Amazing Transformations – Sara’s Story

We here at Moxy love people improving. We have been supplying fantastic socks for the Crossfit community, derby dolls, and all types of fitness gurus for the last few years. We are so enthusiastic to see people’s lives change dramatically, and recognize that everyone goes through struggles. We hope to make the best SOCKS ever, in the attempt you might enjoy your day,workout,month,life, etc. just a little bit more!! Today we are featuring a story submission from a Moxy fan, Sara. I hope her story and journey through Crossfit and life inspire you to be the best you can be!!


About a year ago I went through a really hard breakup and was pretty much a mess. At that time in my life I was working part time as a nanny and was interning part time at a community mental health facility in my area doing children’s mental health and was a full time grad student.  I was also about 150lbs and ate whatever I want (including a ton of sugar), I was just trying to survive. I’m 5’2, so that was pretty heavy for me and I definitely felt super uncomfortable in my own skin. I was also severely depressed.

I started working out with a personal trainer friend to try to get into some kind of shape and help boost my mood. I wasn’t really seeing results and was still in a pretty bad head space. I kept it up for about 5 months until I moved to a different part of town.

My new roommate had been doing CrossFit for a couple of years and he loved it. I didn’t really think it was for me. I was really intimidated by it and the people there. I decided to at least try the on-ramp class to see if I could even do it (I was pretty convinced I couldn’t) since it was a couple of blocks from my apartment.

I completed the intro class and then ended up not going back for a month. My roommate hounded me and hounded me and FINALLY got me to go back. I started out going twice a week and then three times a week. It was insanely hard for me. After awhile I realized I was up to 5 days a week regularly.

I’ve been at my box regularly now for 4 months. I’m down to 128lbs. I managed to kick my depression WITHOUT medications. I completed grad school and found a career in my field. The other members of my box are like family to me. I’ve made the transition with the help of my roommate to eating primarily Paleo. I am happy and confident. I have even completed my first hero wod (Murph) and today I completed my first rope climb to the top.

It is amazing how different I feel about myself and my abilities since doing CrossFit. I have started conquering fears and testing my abilities in ways I never imagined. Hand stands, box jumps and rope climbs terrified me. Running a mile and double unders didn’t seem possible. But now I can do these things. Maybe not to perfection, but I know I can actually do them now. My co-workers see me as an athlete. That’s nothing I would have EVER considered myself as.

I know my story isn’t some huge physical transformation, but it’s been a lot of small changes in almost every aspect of my life. I would have never thought that CrossFit would have such a large impact on my life or in so many ways. It’s become a part of me and my identity.


We congratulate Sara on her AWESOME transformation and feeling good about life!!! Sara received a pack of socks for her submission and we thank her for sharing her important story!!

The AiRFLeX – Flex your Power

We introduced our AiRFLeX Performance No-Show socks last week, with all the wicked performance features you can handle!!! These are probably the best no-shows you will ever put on your feet, but don’t take our word for it… Make sure to try them out for yourself.. Also they come at a better price than our Knee-high socks, but they still bring the quality. For only $7.50 Individually, and at $18.50 for a 3-Pack our No-Shows run at the top of the line of the Market!! Check them all out here down below:


AiRFLeX No Show Performance Yoga Socks

MOXY Socks No-Show Performance AiRFLeX Yoga Socks, Black/Red/Grey

AiRFLeX- combining free-flow cushion with muscled up performance.


red aerobix right moxy


MOXY Socks Link: http://moxysocks.com/product/1324/



MOXY Socks No-Show Performance AiRFLeX Yoga Socks, Black/Electric Blue/Orange


airflex blue right moxy


Moxy Socks Link: http://moxysocks.com/product/moxy-socks-no-show-performance-aerobix-socks-blackelectric-blueorange/




MOXY Socks No-Show Performance AiRFLeX Yoga Socks, Black/Yellow/White


 shadow yellow right moxy

Moxy Socks Link:  http://moxysocks.com/product/moxy-socks-no-show-performance-aerobix-socks-blackyellowwhite/

Just click the images, reading is for smart people.


MOXY Socks No-Show Performance AiRFLeX Multi-Color 3-Pack


airflex 3 pack moxy


Moxy Socks Link: http://moxysocks.com/product/moxy-socks-no-show-performance-airflex-multi-color-3-pack/


MOXY Socks- Innovators of the Deadlift Sock, the APeX

We super-freaky nerds here at the Moxy Socks love socks so much. We truly think they can change the world with the power of love and joy…wait, nevermind, we just wanna make a buck. For years, we have been entrenched within the Crossfit community. Yeah we knew they loved themselves some knee-highs, but how can we go a step further? How could we possibly make these better.

Well you know we do this weird thingy with searching teh googles and clicking the images button. You know that whole thing. And all I saw were bloody shins with these crazy crossfitters. They totally had their legs, and shins all jacked up, so we wuz like hey, maybe they need some extra padding thingies on their front legs.

But seriously, these socks are pretty wicked. We designed them with Deadlift protection slats, Ventilator Mesh, and Full-Cushion from Mid-Calf To Knee. Don’t like reading, well good I have all the pix and links just for your moxyteers.


MOXY Socks Black with Red and Gray Performance APeX Fitness Deadlift Socks

APeX the Pinnacle of the Crossfit deadlift sock!



apex red moxy right

MOXY Socks – invention of the Deadlift Sock!


MOXY Socks Link: http://moxysocks.com/product/moxy-socks-black-with-red-and-gray-performance-apex-fitness-deadlift-socks/

MOXY Socks Black with Cyan and Hot Pink Performance APeX Fitness Deadlift Socks


cyan apex moxy pink


Moxy Socks Link: http://moxysocks.com/product/moxy-socks-black-with-cyan-and-hot-pink-performance-apex-fitness-deadlift-socks/

MOXY Socks Black with Orange and Lime Green Performance APeX Fitness Deadlift Socks


 orange green apex right moxy

Moxy Socks Link: http://moxysocks.com/product/moxy-socks-black-with-orange-and-lime-green-performance-apex-fitness-deadlift-socks/


Click the clicky-images because reading is never fun!!!

MOXY Socks Black with Orange and Cyan Blue Performance APeX Fitness Deadlift Socks


orange apex moxy blue


Moxy Socks Link: http://moxysocks.com/product/moxy-socks-black-with-orange-and-cyan-blue-performance-apex-fitness-deadlift-socks/


MOXY Socks Black with Hot Pink and Cyan Blue Performance APeX Fitness Deadlift Socks


pink blue apex moxy


MOXY Socks Link: http://moxysocks.com/product/moxy-socks-black-with-hot-pink-and-cyan-blue-performance-apex-fitness-deadlift-socks/






Hey there everyone! We have some new styles available for you to see!  We here at MOXY Socks are not only workout lovers, but probably science nerds or something or another. When constructing the ultimate socks, we thought to ourselves, what is strength? Well, we guess it must be how fast and how quickly you could push something. Eureka! The idea popped in our head that FORCE = MASS X ACCELERATION!! What a wonderful and brilliant idea to describe these socks. These socks look like Vortexes and all kinds of whirlwinds going on at the top. You best believe these socks will undoubtedly step up your performance, amirite? Ostensibly adding the extra deadlift padding and cushion, as well as our applauded Moxy performance features enhance the quality of this sock, making it an actual bargain at $16.95. Here are the links and images of our entire collection of Force socks, in 4 separate colors.


MOXY Socks Black with Grey Knee-High Premium “The Force” Deadlift Socks


force moxy

Moxy Socks The Force Grey Deadlift Socks




MOXY Socks Link: http://moxysocks.com/product/moxy-socks-black-with-grey-knee-high-premium-the-force-deadlift-socks/

MOXY Socks Black with Lime Green Knee-High Premium “The Force” Deadlift Socks


force lime green moxy

Moxy Socks The Force Lime Green Deadlift Socks



Moxy Socks Link: http://moxysocks.com/product/moxy-socks-black-with-lime-green-knee-high-premium-the-force-deadlift-socks/

MOXY Socks Black with Pink Knee-High Premium “The Force” Deadlift Socks


pink force moxy right

Moxy Socks The Force Hot Pink Deadlift Socks


Moxy Socks Link: http://moxysocks.com/product/moxy-socks-black-with-pink-knee-high-premium-the-force-deadlift-socks/

MOXY Socks Black with Red Knee-High Premium “The Force” Deadlift Socks



the force red moxy format

Moxy Socks The Force Red Deadlift Socks


Moxy Socks Link: http://moxysocks.com/product/moxy-socks-black-with-red-knee-high-premium-the-force-deadlift-socks/



MOXY Socks – New American Star Socks!!!

Hey there everyone! We have some new styles available for you to see! Check out theses new styles:


MOXY SOCKS Red, White, and Blue American Star Knee-High Deadlift Socks

Our knee high american star socks kick ASS!!!


american star moxy

MOXY Socks Link: http://moxysocks.com/product/moxy-socks-red-white-and-blue-american-star-knee-high-deadlift-fitness-socks/

MOXY SOCKS Black, Yellow, and White American Star Performance Crew Socks

Inspired by WW2 planes, these crew American star socks will look unreal and awesome, while holding up the best comfort in all the USA!!

american star yellow crew right moxy

Moxy Socks Link: http://moxysocks.com/product/moxy-socks-black-yellow-and-white-american-star-performance-crew-socks/

MOXY SOCKS Red, White, and Blue American Star Performance Crew Socks

These moxy American star Crew socks run wild with streaks of American pride all around the socks! Perfect for all flag-wavers and American patriots of every type!

american star crew moxy


Moxy Socks Link: http://moxysocks.com/product/moxy-socks-red-white-and-blue-american-star-performance-crew-socks/

MOXY SOCKS Black with Yellow Don’t Tread on Me! USA Performance Crew Socks

These Don’t Tread on Me performance MOXY Socks celebrate a specific point in American history, representing the Gasden Flag on a eye-popping pair of socks!  Made for all americans with red, white, and blue in their veins, the yellow and black accentuate the fierce snake on the side saying, “Be careful or I might bite you!!!”


Moxy Socks Link: http://moxysocks.com/product/moxy-socks-black-with-yellow-dont-tread-on-me-usa-performance-crew-socks/