What is Vaporwave?

What is Vaporwave? If you’ve ever been rummaging around the internet or youtube you might have encountered this term called, Vaporwave. What is it?

Why do people type strange or mysterious captions in all-caps with spaces in it? Like N O S T A L G I A

Vaporwave is an art and musical movement formed in the late 2000’s early 2010’s that takes old tracks and samples and slows them down. The music itself is based in heavy electronica and synth, combined with 80s or vintage sampling to create some interesting effects. Well the easiest way to explain is more to show you:


Moxy Socks Macintosh Plus Vaporwave AESTHETIC


Here are all the socks down below which we have created to celebrate the Vaporwave artstyle.


Vaporwave Palm Tree


Let us know if you like these socks and if you’d like to see anything else. We do have a ton of new dye sublimation socks available.


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