Top 10 Moxy Socks for Holidays 2017

It’s beginning to look like that time of year again…Christmas, Hannukah, Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa, Black Friday….or whatever Holiday you want to celebrate this Winter Season!

Here is our Moxy Socks Top 10 List for our best selling socks this 2017 Holiday Season



I’m a F***ing Unicorn

These socks started out in a dream, within a rainbow, inside an alternate dimension, and eventually wind up on your feet. Just kidding but actually we rode the wave of the unicorn before it was cool.


Jesus and Psychedelic Jesus

How fun! We have two versions of Jesus that we sublimated on some socks for you. The first is a sincere and endearing glare of the most famous man of all time  that will make you rethink what you’re doing in life. The second is a psychedelic version we stole from an actually gif or giphy of Jesus in a psychedelic electric club that flashes. Whatever your take on the big man, these socks are high quality and come out with a vibrant image of Jesus dye-sublimated on our brand new dress socks.


Colored Body Bolts

We started creating some wicked socks for soccer and softball. Soccer moms and softball dads would drop by our store and ask, “Do you have these socks in youth?” So we started carrying these vibrant and colorful socks electrified with a lightning bolt in adult, womens, and youth size.



Chicken, Duck, Bird, Ostrich Legs

Our chicken legs socks have been a hit for the last 3 years or so. We asked ourselves, what would be funny…people with Chicken Feet! And then this happened: (viral chicken image) It was so fun in fact, Viva Frei (a talented and hilarious youtuber that we stumbled into) thought these were Ostrich feet socks. More colors and different ways later, we have Duck and Bird Socks as well.



American’s Finest 3-Pack

When people ask us about our socks, they are often wowed by the quality. Our american themed socks were made for the average hardworking american who needs comfort and reliability for long days on the job or at the gym. These socks are for policeman (Thin Blue Line flag), firefighters ( Thin Red Line Flag), and an American Flag. Our Deadlift Block socks were SO popular we copied the style and put these flags on the front of the socks.


Dank Meme Socks

Memes are popular. Memes are becoming so popular, you can’t scroll through your facebook or instagram without seeing a pepe meme, salt bae, or the Cash me ousside girl on your feed. So why not throw these on socks? With dye-sublimation anything is possible, as we created more and more hybrid socks . Dank Meme socks was born. Check out all the styles of Meme socks here:


The Block… in COLOR!

Our deadlift block originally came in black and white…but for those with a more ostentatious taste, these bad boys come in Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, and Cyan. Choose any color you like, but the protection along your shins will be second to none.


Oddball Argyle

This year, we were able to get some great dress socks in. While a bit different from our athletic socks, these socks come in a smoother material for a more finessed and dressy look. So we created Oddball Argyle. Go to the site to find all the different dress socks available to create your own personal style.



Pink Powerfit


The Blizzard